This is a Christian website but any may read it.

This is an oil painting I painted in year 2007 of my version of the Christian cross. The red background represents the blood of JESUS shed for the remission of sins according to scripture. For more about JESUS, read the blog at:

I create this blog as a way of making it easy for people who do not have access to a Holy Bible to read and understand who JESUS is, what HIS life on earth was about and what HE said about eternal life and heaven. It is a "labor of love" for the human race.

I do not record the stats as to names, emails, ip addresses etc of those who view it. In fact, I do not collect any data at all from any who view any website or blog of mine. There are some basic stats compiled such as what country the viewer lives in and that is done by internet providers, not me. I tell you the viewer this so you may feel safe reading this blog. My only goal with this blog is to point others to the way to heaven.

The King James Holy Bible which is quoted on the main page is NOT copyrighted and may be quoted or copied down by anybody.

For the record, and because it is required for purposes of internet, this blog is owned by and created by me Gloria Poole, Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, and I am also an artist in all art mediums, an author, a writer, a prolife_blogger, a photographer, a cartoonist of simple cartoons at times [but neither political or religious in nature] and an illustrator. You can read more about me personally at other blogs of mine including

Today's date is 11th April 2016 at 12:48pm in Missouri.